Thursday, 19 February 2009

In memoriam....

This is irritating! Sheer injustice i would say!! why does this always happen to me?? i feel like crashing my head on the monitor!! i wanna tear my & my neighbour's hairs apart!! i wanna dip my brain in a bowl of boiling acid!! Heck! why is it that i cant write one simple post about some ordinary thing... anything??!!! No i dont suffer from any block or cistern!! Two minutes ago i was all set to write about the bus travel experiences of my life.... and as i started moving towards the restroom... my mind was so preoccupied with reflections about my fear complexes.... and my indigestion problems that i ensured to make a mental note of all these & reproduce them in my blog... and sigh! on my return journey from the honorary restroom i had firmly decided that i would write about the lack of disk space in my computer & regarding its extraordinarily poor performance! And lo! here i am writing about totally irrelevant disillusioned stuff... which was never part of my brain cells 30 seconds ago!! Hmmph! is there some way one could put a decent breakpoint to a thought stream.... jot it all down... pour out all emotions related to the thought... smile at it contently... and then move onto the next thought bubble in queue... waiting to burst on ma top compartment?!! :P Notoriously random, haphazard, fuzzy & diarroheaic thoughts!!

Anyways, ultimately i have ventured to write about something bothering me lately and dimming the day lights in my life! Let me cut all the usual crap and get down straight to the problem in hand.... my memory bag or the plain lack of it!! i cant tell you when it all started.... but it's been happening all the while... religiously, harmoniously & yet ambigously!! i have been losing traces of my memory cells with every passing day... and im forced to suspect a leak in my cerebrum through which all the intellect, the supernova of a brain, the stellar storehouse of superior intelligence & intuition ever possessed by any living being... is oozing out to the mundane Milky way system!! i have been examining my head to look for potential injuries or damages inflicted by many a jealous mongrel co-exisiting in this galactic space!!

Some crucial incidents which led me to this scary revelaion of memory leak are as follows:
Few months back i had misplaced my mobile (again as a result of inability to recall that i had placed the phone on a bike in the parking lot of my office and went home conveniently forgetting it!) and was trying to reach out to Praveen to pick me up from a convenient location on his way home.... but alas! to my astonishment & indigestion :P :P i realized that i had forgotten his number!! where as i could remember the 12 digit number of a friend in Singapore whom i talk to once every Solar eclipse! 2 days ago my friend from Chennai had paid me a visit... and we were roaming around the streets of Bangalore till evening... and when the time came for him to depart... and i had to drop him at the bus stop near CMH road, i had no clue where the bus stop was supposed to be, considering the fact that i had been shuttling to & from this bus stop for the past 6 months at a stretch!! Gasp!! it took me half an hour & a long walk till the end of CMH road to find out that the bus stop was available there all this while... waiting for me with a smile! i had telephoned my mom this noon, just like any other day, and was enquiring about the apetite of our dogs (among other interesting talks about Economic recession, Global warming, the US bill on H1B visas, the possibility of life on Mars, the next susceptible targets of Taliban, the colour of chaddis worn by some sene of high repute, the risks of talking a long while on mobile phones etc & etc...) when it struck me hard... that i couldnt recollect the name of my labrador... Nancy, Jhansi, Nandini, Joby, Jerome.... all revolved around my head! i told my mom i would call back later... kept the phone.... and sat blinking at the ceiling.... after 10 whole minutes of brain-squeezing & nail-biting it fell on me as a flash of lightning! Julie - the name i have been uttering non stop every day!! Sigh!!!

i realize it is high time... i shave my head displaying the crack on the shell.... start all that tatoo work on my body... embedding the phone numbers, character sketches, relationships & action-to-be-taken about all people associated with me currently!! errr... i am wondering where exactly this Ghajini would have scribbled his ATM PIN numbers for it to be remembered, yet concealed from public scrutiny?!!! :- :P


Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

@ Beany,
Well...not at all a surprise!! considering that ye have a rather spacy top floor with emptiness being in abundance, a lack of memory comes hardly as a surprise!! :-D
And ye forgot the bus-stop that day?? And all the while self was there-placing his trust on ye!! Sheesh!!
mast post gal!! BTW...why not do a surgery and plant a pen drive to yer top floor??

Revathi said...

Sowrangutannnnnnnnnnnn!! :)
Though it is completely out of character for me i MUST agree with goof above about the lack of grey matter and hence abundance of space in yer top floor!! :P
Nice post!! :)

Srikanth said...

Forgot you had to write about your bus travel experiences and the extraordinarily poor performance of your computer?? :P

I hope this is not contagious. I forgot wer to look for the Post Comment link after reading this one!!

Nice Post!!

GoodEarth said...

Look who's talking!! At least it is possible to install a pen drive in my spacious top floor! what will you do to yours... full of nitrogen & Carbon-di-oxide?? Humph!!

Thankee girl! but please bear in mind that if at all you want to progress on the lines of evolution suggested by Mr.Darwin, please stop nodding your nutty head to all that the goof says!!

GoodEarth said...

he hee... i even forgot my blog link, and ended up not replying to any of the comments :D

and yeah! this is highly infectious :) Keep visiting boy!

Jass said...

LOL! Its pretty much normal to forget stuff once in a while, me thinks. :)

GoodEarth said...

once in a while is alright. But things are getting worse every day :)

Thanks for dropping by Jassi! :)

Srividya said...

hehehe funny one :)
At the end of the day (read crazy day) this post made me smile. Shall venture here more often :D

GoodEarth said...

Geee thank you Srividya! im so glad this post helped you smile :)