Monday, 14 September 2009

Twlogs :)

noticed some ants in the commode. terribly worried about by blood sugar level...

went to ENT to have Praveen's ear problem diagnosed & treated. Stepped into pharmacy outside the clinic to fetch the prescribed medicines. The pharmacist asked the person in front, after supplying him with requisite dosages, whether he had ample stock of facial masks at home. The person replied in the affirmative & left me staring blankly at the "proximity" of infection :-|

pimples are sprouting on my lower lips like tadpoles on a rainy night. wonder what is the criteria for a pimple to make its mind to originate at a particular spot on the skin, when there is a vast galaxy of anatomic space from head to toe!!

surprised & amused that i suffer from indigestion, nausea & dehydration more often when i eat home-made food than when i eat the junk food on the streets :D

Stuck in strangling traffic today morn for 1.5hrs from home to office, which ideally takes 15-20mins on an abnormal (traffic-less) day!
dunno which was more annoying... my bus being jammed in a solid sea of vehicles flooding the invisible road, moving at a speed of a millimetre a minute (OR) being seated on the most uncomfortable luggage holder hump just above the front wheels of the Volvo, causing me to "jolt" like Farhan Akhtar in "Rock On" (OR) perceiving with utmost disgust the bus conductor's fingers digging deep into her nostrils busily extracting volumes of :yuck:, the very same fingers involved in distribution of tickets & the holy currency (OR) a fellow passenger caughing uncontrollably with her mouth wide open to intricate examination n infection!!
Gawd!! travelling in a local non A/C bus is far less disgusting than this irky expensive travel in a Volvo!

Had a veg burger for breakfast, 2 veg rolls for lunch & a veg sandwich for dinner! 8-O feel like a miserable Mexican Submarine soaked in yellow yucky cheese!
badly wanna dig into hot masala dosa accompanied by red,white,green chutneys & steaming sambhar and a onion-sprinkled sambhar vada, preferably with kuzhi paniyaaram as a starter & SaravanaBhavan-CurdRice as ender! :D sighhhh!

in love with this crazy month - posessing 2 M, 1 L & 1 XL weekends :D
dreaming about those summer holidays... when 2 whole months used to be XXL weekends always... :dream: :dream:


Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Self - the goof - the intellectual guru u need to look up to in times of distress is back! :-)
Fear not now!
Ye know what? the first part looked like a diary entry of a chronic and terminally ill patient who has TB and cancer and all those things and vomits blood only when he/she does not vomit goo and whose nostrils do not flare only when they are inundated with yellowish gooey phlegm which also lines the throat!!
Gee!! Get yerself admitted in a hospital(preferably mental as well) first thing and don't be a public menace spreading disease like the chap Kali who is supposed to do that in his so called yug. (philosophy comes naturally to some and I am one of em ;-). see! evidence of that on previous sentence:-D)
ANd err....why not have a masala dosa if ye want to?who is stopping you? why have those burgers which umm.....if u again consider them objectively from a distance looks like a huge blob or pile of ummm.....the residual matter of the stomach :-|!!
And I envy jer weekends!! the subsequent 6 months are fer me no-free days!:-(
On a serious note......take care of health gal!! "heath is weath" as I used to misspell in younger and more carefree days...
And I really had fun reading this post!! Makes me remember some of our tussles back on CH1

GoodEarth said...

:) glad to see ur comment boy!
gladder to re-read it today...
yes, reminds me of those good old Ch1 "tussle" days :)