Thursday, 12 September 2013

Love's labours lost...

Slowly & softly rolled the tears
Down the frills of her gentle cheeks
Stressed & submerged in unknown fears
Sleep had deserted her eyes since bygone weeks

Her head quivered every passing second
buried in the fathoms of the pillow, moist & sullen
No hand to caress, no soul to depend
She drifted deep into her world of pathos & burden

Fond memories of childhood, misty & green
Rose before her like imposing shadows in the gloomy night
Many a butterfly, many a daffodil had she seen
past gleeful lanes of golden summer & spring bright

That mystique August evening, amidst kith & kin
When heavens watched & angels whispered wishes with a wand
Feathery dreams took flight, lost in the clouds, lost in the din
The loving hearts walked down the aisle, both hand in hand

Years fled silently in peace & gay abandon
As their children grew entwined in a bond of blissful harmony
Life swept them to far away shores, with prizes laden
She thrived on lonely lands meekly… with little love and no money

The skies wept & the storm roared with furious might
when they brought home his body, cold & blue on a lifeless bed
A faint gleam shone, a dead leaf stirred that frosty night
When her heart bled, life choked & an ocean of salty tears she shed

Little had time erased, the memories of seasoned woes
which she bore with fear & agony, close to her bosom
Through the window, a stream of stealthy air touched her toes
As she lay fallen, on the dusty floors… of the Old age home!

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