Monday, 9 June 2008

Timely decisions!

Its been a long time since ive been wanting to spend my weekends effectively & qualitatively! (now dont ask me what this means :-)) Throughout the five tormenting days of the week, i keep telling myself that at least the impending weekend should be one of the healthy kind.... with lot of constructive tasks accomplished & some wholesome time dedicated to my passions/hobbies. But, every weekend nowadays, turns out to be a mundane, eating-watching TV-sleeping-shopping routine.... and i am at a loss trying to differentiate it from the regular week days!! There are a host of interesting things i would like to do on a typical sunny weekend (yeah sunny! bcoz the rainy ones keep you locked inside the house.... with little to do... but count the rain drops!). Examples include: A bike ride (of course i hav a driver - i.e. my husband :-)) to a faaaaar off place, some interaction with the scenic surroundings there & a cumpolsary photo shoot amidst blissful nature, watching a "meaningful" movie provided it does not eat up an entire holiday, eating out with my husband at a different place on a different & delightful cuisine, spending some time with my relatives, indulging in writing/photography/embroidery/craft work at least for a decent couple of hours each on Sat & Sunday!!

Somehow, none of these aspirations/proposals have worked out for me.... with the effect that i keep grumbling & sulking every always-moody Monday mornings! i even want to have a fitness routine inculcated in my daily life Mon - Fri! But, no amount of planning/writing short notes/keeping remiders on cell phones/maintaining a Time table from my end has helped in realizing at least one/any of these dreams :-( i feel really ashamed of my time management capabilities & the way of life iam leading! it is so haphazard, so premature, so crude & so meaningless, to say the least!! Today, i was trying to figure out the root cause of all these grievances.... what exactly is the primary obstacle in my path of glory? One significant & notorious rival to my plans is the ever-prevalent laziness.... that seems to have clouded a major portion of my life like a thick heavy blanket! Can anyone suggest what is the least i can do to overcome this sickness called "laziness"?? Next on the list would be a lot of pending chores, piled up by SW professionals like me, to be done only during the weekends (things like cleaning the house, washing clothes, paying bills, buying veggies or groceries or dresses or footwear, booking tickets, exchanging "formal" greetings with relatives/friends etc....)!! For people like me, who have no domestic help available, all these tasks have to be given individual attention and the ensuing problems in even one of these activities affects the other tasks in queue.... thereby ending up in effortless consumption of two full weekend days :-( Hence, going out to beautiful, tranquil destiantions during weekends has also not been possible, courtesy the pending work load at hand! Is there a way out of these turmoils? Is there a possibility of accompishing any of the afore-mentioned activities during the 5 days to lessen the burden on a Satursay /Sunday? Please share your thoughts on this :-)

The third vital i-wud-call-it-part-and-parcel-of-life is to dedicate time for your loved ones..... which also means an absence from the world of one's dormant hobbies/passions! i just cannot imagine myself sitting in front of the computer & happily blogging about my ideas/thoughts/idiosyncracies or experimenting with the digi-cam on weird but interesting subjects!! Such things have become quite far fetched now..... unless of course i am completely alone & jobless at home! Hmm..... it is like the cliched saying.... "if only i had more time!", even though there are approximately 48hrs at my disposal! This week too.... im trying to chart out a strong plan.... to make judicious use of the time at hand.... to allocate some hours for living my dreams.... to relieve myself of the stress & fatigue my mind is undergoing.... to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to reinvent myself, while still completing the usual list of never-ending tasks on the weekend-to-be!!! So guys, do wish me good luck & strength to succeed at least this time!
Your tips & pointers on coping up with the hurdles & managing time effectively are most welcome! i would keep you updated ont he (after)effects on Sunday! Cheers :-)


sreeramshenoy said...

Haha...I knew something like this happened with you Ms. School-Principal-Voiced Patient! ;)
Time management requires time too, and that I know is hard to find! lolz! :P
Well seriously from a doctor's point of view, You could complete small chores on a daily basis which you otherwise postpone it to the weekends (for your husband to do :P)!! This could help you save some time during the weekend...You ask me how? errr...thats tough to say...I only prescribe medicines and how the medicines do their work, mein anjaan hoon! ;)
Loved the blog...wish that I could have been more useful! Sigh! BTW, guess u remember to treat this Senior-Manager-Voiced Doctor! :P

GoodEarth said...

Whoa doctor, a nice prescription there :-) Small chores on a daily basis? hmmmm.... like eating n sleeping, eh? :-D

i will never question the authenticity or practicality of ur useless medicines, you loony doc!!

Yes, ill give u a treat right at the asylum Sr.Mgr-voiced doctor :-)
Thanks a lot for liking the post Pinky & three cheers to you on your recent achievement!! :-)

sreeramshenoy said...

Ya like eating and sleeping!! :P
You'll never be cured are a classic case of "once a patient, always a patient"!! ;)
Asylum treat? at least that! ;)
Thanks a lot again for the wishes! :D