Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The trained mind!!

Today has been rather hectic & exhaustive.... since self was subjected to 4 training/KT sessions at office, which easily ran to about 6hrs of painful time!! i dont understand why a person has to be compulsarily put into some sort of training about a ghastly subject which is no way related to him/her.... just because the supervisor wants to keep the team engaged! i dont know how many times i fell off my chair dozing.... how many insects got into my oral cavity during uncessant fits of yawning..... how many tears rolled down my cheek due to constant gaze at the projected image of some stupid S/W application! All the while the trainer was going blah... blah... over some strange looking SAP screens & power point presentations, i was engrossed in the world of my dreary dreams, intricate aspirations, confused thoughts & nostalgic reflections..... Leisurely lost in the labrynth of thoughts.... i started getting some unusually remarkable ideas, all of which if implemented, could change the lifestyles of millions of software souls like me!

First of all, i was musing over the nonsensical system of 5 working days & 2 offs a week! i would like to personally meet this fellow (the one who invented/implemented this sytem) & give him a sound thrashing for wrecking our lives!! You know what? my uncle who works for Kingfisher Airlines, has the most interesting work schedule, which is Day 1 - day shift, Day 2 - Night shift, Days 3 & 4 - Off Day 5 - day shift, Day 6 - night shift, Days 7 & 8 - Off and so on..... Dont you think it is really mind blowing to work in this routine? And also, this schedule is subject to change every 1or 2 months.... for eg., last month the schedule was Days 1,2,3 - Night shift and then Days 4,5,6,7 - Off!!!! Yeah, i know its hard for most of u to digest this..... but this is how the work clock is set for the engineers at Kingfisher (flying good times indeed!!) :-D i was wondering why such a simple & efficient system cannot be implemented in the Software industry as well? This means that we wont be madly waiting for the Sat & Sundays to freak out.... or feel blue & sick on Monday mornings..... because after every 2 days of work, we get a reward of 1 or 2 days holiday! Of course, this has to be applicable in all the locations of a company, across the globe for better synchronization :-) i believe such a relaxing time table would certainly keep us stress-free and increase our productivity manifold!

This system would be a boon to expectant ladies, who get only 3 meagre months of maternity leave and working mothers who have this intriguing problem of not getting to pay enough attention to the kid during his/her growing years.... This arrangement would also enable any of us to finish off many household tasks like paying the EB bill or telephone expenses or taking a gas connection etc... etc... basically you get all the time in the world to lead a meaningful & motivated life!!
We get precious time to spend with our near & dear ones..... may be manage to pay a visit to one's native place, get in touch with old friends etc... Moreover, if any individual wants to take up a part time job, purely for generation of additional income or for indulging in his passion, then this can also be accomplished by the break up of a 7-day week in to miniscule working days of 2, then break, then 2 office day, followed by a break of 1 day..... And i strongly feel that any organization should not restrict its employees to serve only them.... Part time employment, internships or field research should be encouraged. Only then, the status of livelihood in India will see a marginal lift! it is high time we open up our minds & start thinking out of the ordinary.... start bringing in novel strategies that would make our professional life all the more interesting.... and we would never have to crib about "Work-Life imbalance" in future!

Thus my friends, my wandering mind brooded on such interesting aspects of our daily life.... and got trained to think differently & diligently! :-D Well, my training session (the actual one) came to an end at last and my trainer was asking us if we had any questions in particular. i was just smiling broadly, amused at the train of thoughts that entered & encompassed my mind during the 1.5 hours of SAP training!! Tomorrow, we have similar night-marish sessions throughout the day.... so lets see what strikes my "trained" mind in the day to be born! Cheers :-)


sreeramshenoy said...

Only my patient can get such a thought! :P
How about 7 continous day of working and then 7 days off? :P
My uncle has 5-day and 4-day working weeks alternately which is also good! :D
Good post...You effectively utilized your training period!! ;)
Whatever said, trainings or not...you get to hog on Mangoes over there na? :P

Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Ya called goodearth here??????
Nice to see ya here!! :-)
well, that was a real nice post gal!!So serious and devoid of nonsense that it makes it hard to for me to believe its actuially ya!!!
Will keep visiting beany!! cheerio

Sowmini said...

7 continuous working days & then 7days off.... is not very cool! the stress here is that it shud not be continuous working days!! we need breaks & that too in between.... to chill it off! Your uncle's work schedule also sounds interesting! Sigh!! Why are we stuck in this stupid IT industry!! :-(

These trainings for nearly two-three weeks.... are getting on my nerves!! thats why these kinda posts :-)

Yeah, mangoes are the only solace this place offers!! Thanks for your nice comments Sree!

GoodEarth said...

Yeah im called goodearth not only here... but everywhere i go! he heee :-) Nice to meet you too!

im glad u liked this "sensible" post (despite ur doubts that im the author of this post)!

Thanks a lot for the comment & yeah do keep visiting often!!

Sujatha said...


Nice to have you here...
This was a real serious post!!

And such kind of thoughts do happen to me too when ever there is a training..

GoodEarth said...

Hey Suji,
What a surprise!! Thanks a lot for visiting this space & sharing ur comments girl! Glad to know that you too use your KT sessions "constructively"!! lol...

Agreed this one is a serious post.... but this is how most of my posts here would be.... those that won't and CAN'T feature in the Internal blogosphere :-)