Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I heard myself deeply snoring last night... was under the impression that people with a gamut of problems in hand, never slept in the first place! hmm..

Questions like "Where do you see yourself after 15years?", "What do you want to achieve in a decade?" scare the wits out of me... coz the next living moment is itself a big fat question mark dancing before me & threatening to engulf me!

Dell laptops are so heavy that they cannot be rested on laps, for more than a few minutes!

I suffer from Diarrohea whenever the water pipe in the house is leaking, the motor stops working or when the over head tank is being emptied! Thanks to Murphy!!

My desire/dream of authoring a book in this lifetime is never gonna materialize.... for nowadays i am unable to pen even a single verse of poetry, a piece of short story or even a regular blog for that matter

Relationships are mere illusions from time to time, plotted carefully on the virtual co-ordinates of the mind...

Of late, my Nokia 5200 mobile has been drinking more sambhar than the rice or dosa on my plate!

If only life came in bits & pieces... with one pixel to live at a time... guess it is haphazardly colourful now!!

My heart goes out to the 900 unlucky staff who were mercilessly thrown out of Jet Airways yesterday. Welcome to "ground reality" folks!

The number of times Vodafone calls me everyday is double the number of calls i get from all the humans in "MyContacts" put together!

Only when i was stammering & searching for nouns, verbs & adjectives in English yesterday, did i realize that its been almost 6 months since i had an unofficial light hearted conversation at office!!

It was a shocking revelation when i saw that my physcal weight had leapt by 10kgs, just because i hadnt stood on the weighing machine for the past 1 year! it was even more shocking when my parents referred to me as bulky & ugly!

I got a Timesheet reminder just now prompting me to complete the time entries for this fortnight. how nice it would be if one were to get a reminder 15days/1 month prior to the day when one's time is up on this planet! would aid in increasing the productivity during the final days... :)


Revathi said...

Lovely post sowrangutan!! :)
ROFL @ the diarrhea part!! heh!! murphy sure loves you!! :P
and 10 kgs overweight?? no no sowrangutan!! not good!! go on a diet of leaves and water. but hey!! being a goat isnt that what u eat anyway?? :P

preeti said...

The number of times Vodafone calls me everyday is double the number of calls i get from all the humans in "MyContacts" put together!

I second you on this :) Vodafone, happy to help, who the $%^& said???
nice read :)

sreeramshenoy said...

Common patient!! 10 kgs in a yr isnt that bad...thats the only thing you take with u when u all are immaterial, dont u think???
The diahhorea part was class, thanks to Murphy...Even Revs is amused!! ;)
The last point was a strong one...hmmm...makes me wonder, would we ever be on bench in life???

How about co-authoring a book?? Let's call it the "Enpsychopedia"!! :D

GoodEarth said...

Hoy Revs! thanks "girl" :D
Yeah Murphy loves me badly, me too :) me a goat?? i thought i was an Orangutan!! aint i? btw, i do eat leaves & waterafter every meal :P

Welcome to moi blog Preeti! :)
he hee... Vodafone is rather too desperate to help!!

Thanks Preeti! Keep visiting :)

GoodEarth said...

@Dr S(t)ree,
Did u call me a "common patient"?? blink.. blink...

10kgs in a year isnt a big thing at all, eh? hmm.. then its high time i revise my targets... may be 10kgs hike a month!! how abt it doctor? :P

u want any consideration from Murphy too... on the Diarrohea thingy? :D

With regard to life, im anyway always on bench! super-idle! :) Whoa! im just blessed to be authoring this loony book along with you psycho!! :P he heee thanks Sree!

Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Lovely...ROFL post gal!!
BTW....why do ye wanna ask ye such questions like "Where do I see myself 15 years from now?" and stuff??
I mean....Aint that a bit of a goopy question??
And BTW..10 kgs??? Ejjactly why I told you to stop yer hobby of swatting roaches with a hawai and start jogging :-P

GoodEarth said...

Thanks man! :)

yes quite goopy & irrelevant questions indeed! i never ask myself any such Qs. the world does! :D

OK hereafter i will put on that Hawaii i was using to knock u out... and start jogging! :P :P