Monday, 18 August 2008

My first tag ever!!

i have been (or is it 'had been'??) tagged by Her Highness Revathi Ramanan to write about all the nonsensical stuff i do in life.... i was soooooooo delighted to know that i, of all people, had been tagged.... and that too... by a writer i adore the most.... The fact that this is my first tag (i mean the one im writing first.... of course Sree had tagged me earlier to do the Book-pages123 tag, which i would attempt conveniently, when i get hold of a book with "proper" contents in Page123 :-D ) is adding fuel to the glowing spark of joy!

6 whatever’s about me:

1) im very short tempered. i lose sense of my surroundings & get very violent at the slightest provocation.

2) i am always enveloped by a strong inferiority complex, that prevents me from mingling with people, from voicing my thoughts, from living the life the way i want to... this is the factor which even kept me off blogging all these days (or years??). Now that i have started writing, i feel much much much better :-)

3) i have a great passion for music & musicians :-) Music (esp the vocal part) is like my first love! But, i have had a bad throat (read: nasty voice) throughout 365+ days, for 26 odd years now :-)

4) iam extreeeeeeeeeeemely lazy!! it is close to impossible to make me do anything... not only physical work... but also mental movements :-D this i believe is the sole reason for the sorry state of my wretched life now!! and is also the reason for responding to this tag after 36 days of procrastination!

5) i really dont know if i really like anyone in this world..... on second or third... or 100th thoughts..... it appears that there is in fact no one significant in my life ;-) And yeah, im married!! :D

6) i am a devoted pessimist, hypocrite & at times a sadist too! In short, im Ms.Hyde always roaming around in the guise of Ms.Jekyll (thats why the "About Me" section of my corporate blog has the words "Devil in Disguise"! it aint any joke) And the irony is that, i dont have a mind of my own & get so easily influenced by people, their thoughts & behaviour.... good or bad :-)

7) i hate many (a clever way of saying most :-)) men, especially the MCP kind! i also hate all BLR-kinda girls (errr.... to know of what kind the girls @ Bangalore are.... well you have to be a normal level-headed person of simple nature.... and have to forcefully live in Bangalore for a couple of months ;-)) who are either scantily dressed or dress in a way to always "project" certain aspects of their profile... Yuckkkk!! is all i can say. Their sole aim in life is to appear modern, freak out, have fun & be a nuisance to the world around!!

8) i simply love whiling away the entire day from 9 (Oh rather 10.00) to 4.00, at office and then start my boring loads of work after 4.oo and work like crazy to meet the planned target for the day! It is surprising, sometimes funny, to note that i complete all the designated work (which i am supposed to do for 8 long hrs) within 2hrs of my time.... while my colleagues slog & struggle from 8am to 8pm everyday!! The rest of the day, i spend in effectively cribbing about my stressful timings, incessant work load & work pressure that is soooo typical of this IT industry! he he heeee :-D

Now, that makes it 8 whatevers about self!! Dont blame me... it was indeed your choice to have scrolled this far :-) now, before you people conclude that i was sooooo thirsty for a tag... that the moment i got tagged... im going onnnn like a mad dog let loose in the streets, i will stop the first part of the tag at this!

5 things I miss right now:

Frankly speaking, i havent had any great moment/experience in life that i would miss right now. But, for the sake of this tag... let me squeeze my peanutty brain... and think hard.... to find 1 if not 5 "missed/lost" things :-)

Well.... here they are:
1) My childhood, when i was less evil, had lesser troubles & led a plain innocent life :-)

2) My life at Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan Higher Secondary School. The studies, the oratorical competitions i participated in, the so-called-strangely-insincere friends, all the awesome teachers, the meditation classes, the guitar lessons, the 50paise idli + chutney, the poori-masala, the great cultural events at the Bharat Kalachar auditorium, the proud feeling of being the only student who joined without paying a donation, the opportunity to grow amidst a lot of celebrities.... and a lot more :-)

3) My dog Jenny who passed away a few years back, due to old age & associated diseases :-(

4) My GATE preparation phase, when i badly wanted to get a decent GATE score & enter into an IIT/Anna University for my M.Tech

5) The 6 months pre-marriage period when we got to know each other better (?!!)

10 things I wanna achieve in a decade:

1) Be a successful enterprenuer (preferably run a good restaurant or an independent SW Testing company or an Organic food store :-))

2) Own a lovely duplex house, at a calm green location, architected by my friend K :-)

3) Take my parents on a flight journey (if not overseas, at least inland ;-))

4) Get involved in atleast one Work-from-home program & make lots of cash :-D

5) Donate some part of my pay towards the survival, growth & empowerment of the under-privileged

6) Learn carnatic music from a guru and be a good "notable" singer at least in the bathroom!!

7) Travel extensively (or wander nomadically, to be precise :-P) & discover incredible India, and if possible some regions outside the sub-continent too :-)

8) Work in a full fledged Test automation project & learn at least something useful (apart from dirty politics).... before i leave my current company.

9) Own a Nikon DSLR camera and become proficient/professional enough to capture good quality images using it :-)

10) Reduce my weight. i dont want a drastic change like Adnan Sami.... but at least to some extent where people dont suspect that im eternally pregnant!!


>>Jass<< said...

WHY! Why does it have to be a nikon DSLR! Why not canon? :(

[Err sorry I am partial to canon. The camera is of course your personal choice depending on your requirement :P]

GoodEarth said...

He heee... Jassi, if you would gift me one... i would not mind a Canon/Nikon/Sony/Olympus!! :-D

>>Jass<< said...

What is this word "gift" ? Is this a new word you just coined ? I don't seem to understand. *rolling eyes*

rvnrahul said...


* You and evil?? do I see a protege in the making?? U can be my shishya netime.. :P

* Please do not say nething against bangalore girls.. :P jus shows ur jealous.. :P

* You can donate some part of ur pay to the survival, growth & empowerment of the under-privileged me.. :P :P I'll give u my account details soon.. :) :)

rvnrahul said...

err forgot to call u gimli in the prev comment.. :P


seetha said...

Lovely post beany!! :-D
You and short tempered???? I d never believe that y know!! Seriously!!
Ah self is one of theose lazy chaps too...but seriously...does not being lazy give one a sort of bliss or something??
And err... what is MCP and BLR?? I really dunno (blink blink)!!
You PSBB product???Chennai?? AH!! DAVians consider PSBBians rivals but well, Yer no rival of any sort gal :-)
Jenny what doggie gal??Lab? (self is partial to labs)
@\\Learn carnatic music from a guru and be a good "notable" singer\\
Want a teacher?? Well...self learnt carnatic back in class 6...and assure you am a good singer :-P (shudders....of course was kidding!!)
Nice read gal!!

Revathi said...

Thanks for doing the tag
and only 8 whatevers?? i want more!! :(

GoodEarth said...

This word "gift" is actually synonymous with "handing-over-ur-ATM-card-plus-PIN-to-me-on-the-last-day-of-every-month" :-D

GoodEarth said...

>>You and evil??<<
Of course pal!

>>U can be my shishya netime.. :P<<
hmmm... hope it is not the other way round :D

>>do not say nething against bangalore girls.. :P jus shows ur jealous.. :P<< Oh!! you seem to be "over protective" about them!! Brotherly sentiments, eh? :P

>>You can donate some part of ur pay to the survival, growth & empowerment of the under-privileged me.. :P :P<<
Yeah sure man! just send me ur Acc no.... any bank will do! i will credit Rs.5/- to ur account every month without fail :D hope it helps.... and hey! you dont have to thank me/fall at my feet to praise my generosity :P

GoodEarth said...

Gimli?? grrr... thanks Goliath!!

GoodEarth said...

Thank you so much u loony toony :-D

>>You and short tempered???? I d never believe that y know!!<<
Ha haaaa.... Truth is bitter, my boy :-)

am glad to know u too are lazing around in this busy world.... and yeah, rightly said! being lazy gives one a sort of bliss & peace of mind!! :-)

>>what is MCP and BLR??<<
Well... the first one is related to you... and the second one is not!! :-)

glad to know that u dont consider me a rival, on purely recognizing the powere of a PSBB product!! :P

Jenny was a daschund. At present, our house houses Blinky (Lhasapso) & Julie (Labraodr) :-) so, u can jolly well be partial to Julie! :D

u a singer?? learnt carnatic music?? errr... is this the same Seetharaman whom i know... then one i talked to the other day?? blink...blink... :P

Thanks for liking the post boy!

GoodEarth said...

Thanks for the comment Revs! it was a pleasure doing the tag :-)

And u seem to be asking for more... (troubles), eh? Whatever!!

Sanket said...

Good post!
I am sorry but i just can't recall your name right now, mind helping? Hows ch1 doing?

GoodEarth said...

Thanks Sanket! iam Sowmini... remember? Ch1 is fine, not very bubbly as it used to be before.... kinda sluggish nowadays... :-(

Sanket said...

Oh...Sow..of course I remember you! How have you been? I am sure you are still rocking ch1 with your refreshingly funny posts :)

Heptanesian Blue said...

thanks for the wonderful comments good earth..... :) n you too....keep it coming....

GoodEarth said...

gee thanks Sanket! im doing good :)

@heptanesian blue,
merci beaucoup mademoiselle! :)

sreeramshenoy said...

Ah! that was a good refreshing post! :D I am late I know, but you know how busy I am...I feel like a Gyneacologist these days, giving birth to bugs!! :P
You are short tempered?? I didnt feel so though...thankfully am in Chennai!! ;)
Keep them are so dormant and out of place these days...

GoodEarth said...

Always late! yeah i know how busy u r with ur coffee breaks, cooking & cleaning :D

But, you dont necessarily have to be a gyneacologist to give birth!! Just be urself... errr... i mean... you just have to be a woman!! :P

Yes, be happy u r far far away from my clutches! im short & tempered indeed! :D

Yeah! i know man... i have been sleeping inside this cosy cocoon for quite some while now... have to get up & brush my teeth first! :D :D Thanks Sree! :)