Thursday, 13 November 2008

Passion Plus!!

"i am a substandard writer. whatever i write nowadays is nothing but garbage". this is the thought jogging in my mind for quite some time now.... feeling worse & worse everytime this thought attacks me... Well, im not saying that i was creating magic with my pen earlier... but the style & content of writing has deteriorated much nowadays... :( i am not judging my posts based on the visit count or the number & kind of comments that i receive.... i know for myself that there is something so morbid & sullen about my posts..... that leaves a bad taste in the mouth (rather eyes) after reading it!! But, anyway... that doesnt mean im gonna quit writing. i simply cannot do that! its too late now :D Thinking on these lines, i am trying to figure out... if not writing... then what is it that i am good at!

Reading - the last time i read a book was before Obama started campaigning for the polls (which must be somewhere around 3rd century BC.. errr... BO!!) :P i have firmly stood by my resolution of not buying any more books, unless & until i finish reading the stuff on my shelf. It is a pity that i dont find time (Oh really?) to flip through the pages of even a 'light' PGW, that has been lying next to my bed for ages... as a place holder for my mobile, pen, keys, torch light, hair pins, Amrutanjan etc... sighhhh! i should resume reading, before i forget the number of alphabets in the English language (26... when i last heard it, right?)

Photography - This is another dead hobby (iam used to calling it passion!) of mine which badly needs recharging just like my hibernating camera in the bureau locker. Yeah! thats where i keep the little Olympus micro mini fella, hidden from the lights & shadows of the outside world. And he gets 'an exposure', only when i decide to set out on an outing to some distant land! not that i could come up with some scintillating shots everytime i gripped the periphery of the lens.... but i could see through this third eye the angles & colurs & dreams of my own world! Though, buying a better model of camera with latest features might help ignite this passion further.... this has remained a distant dream.... thanks to the photographer in me... who cant settle for anything less than a trendy expensive DSLR!! :(

Music - Naah! not singing or tugging at any strings or hitting hard on any percussions!! just lending an ear to the pleasant sounds incarnating from filmdom or albums or kutcheris and involuntarily swaying my head rhythmically to the raagas,thaalas, layas & aalaps! i am not doing even that nowadays. My craving desire to join a vocal music class has been lingering like a leech on the interiors of my mind.... ever since i tasted the juice of music & learnt my inability to produce an array of humanly acceptable sounds with my vocal chords!! :( i had carefully altered the word "singing" in my profile to the cliched "listening to music" long back! but, even listening doesnt seem appropriate now... it is mere hearing that i am doing, if at all some soulful sounds drop into my ears at times, by accident!! No efforts or accomplishments beyond that. :(

Gardening - Well im extremely devoted to this piece of 'art', if you would be kind enough to call "looking down curiously from my balcony at the plants-seller & listening intuitively to his conversation with my house owner, silently spectating the scene of my neighbour watering the saplings in his garden, gazing moodily at my landlord's kid playing with the earthworms in the soil" as gardening in the best sense!! :D

Cooking - This is one practise which i can claim to have been faring well at... the prime reason being i luvvvvvvvvv eating! and there is no soul within 1000metres radius... who can provide me with unlimited quantities of varied delicacies every day! Necessity being the mother of invention... gave way to my culinary experiments in the kitchen, and having a mouth-capable-of-engulfing-any-palatable-stuff-irrespective-of-taste-smell-&-appearance (yeah, that belongs to my honourable husband! :P) handy has proved to be a boon for me!! just chop, slice, saute, fry, boil, burn, garnish & serve to this ready-to-eat human being called husband, then depending on his survival & sustenance aspects.... start tasting the food on my own. so far... so good. no suicides. no murders. i have been doing a decent job.

hmmm.... let me wind up this ultra long post now.... and get back to the ever-boring but bread-winning activity.... the art of coding(before my PM decides to send me on the next Chandrayaan expedition)!!!! :bleeeeeeding eyes:


sreeramshenoy said...

oh bah mah! you write such a post in office?? and no mention of work except at the dead end and that too showing your manager in bad light! poor her!! ;)
Nah buddy...I guess there are other things on your mind which is not allowing you to write as they say, with an open mind!! Things will get better! Keep at it! :D

GoodEarth said...

What is wrong in writing such a post at office man? you are talking as if this post is full of 'beep beep' content! :P

//poor her!!//na naaa... it is poor him actually! :D

you are right Sree... there are so many whirlwinds in my mind... preventing me from brooding on any single subject for a long time... hope things fall in place soon...
Thanks buddy! :)

Revathi said...

If this is called "garbage" writing i sure would like to see what u classify as good!! :)
Do get back to reading. however busy i get, i guess thats one thing i will never give up!! (i hope so)

GoodEarth said...

Hey Revs!
u r a "garbage collector"! so you must be knowing better :P :P

Yes... ive started reading.. even if it is 1 chapter per day... it acts like a tonic indeed!

Srikanth said...

Hey.. I was working late last night or rather pretending to work when I landed on your blog..

Very Interesting.. You write well.. Great, If I may use the word..

I enjoyed reading Seven Wonders and a Single Blunder... 'Sow'rangutan was good too...

I don't know what to say about the other posts.. I like them because of the way you have projected some of the discomforts/complaints most of us have with "life/work", n i don't want to like them because you are writting bout the discomforts/complaints/things you would love to do but you don't and so on....

Final words: I had a good time reading your blog...

I would have loved to comment on each post seperately but I am a lazy boy... And so I am leaving you a comment that is almost the size of your first post... :P

PS: If you decide to peek into my blog for some reason.. please be gentle(with your comments:))..

Oh And !! If some compliments you in public, just say Thank You.. That shouldn't hurt.. :)

GoodEarth said...


Thanks for the kind words Srikanth! it feels great to know that there exists someone (even after reading my blog he still exists!!) who has been following my posts so regularly! :)

yes man, i know... the other posts are plain rants outta my mind..

he heee... i wud set foot on ur blog very soon and try my best to be gentle(with the comments :))

Thanks once again for this huge lovely comment Srikanth! do keep visiting & commenting :)