Friday, 7 November 2008

'Sow'rangutan ver 1.26 :)

i despise the thought of holding currency notes in my hand... especially minutes before i have food... Currency papers/coins, according to me, are one of the most unhygenic substances in this country... as they have no source/destination information tagged to them!! Yeah,im the same ugly devil who munches red-apples-smeared-with-the-choicest-of-dust-&-dirt, for breakfast, while moving in a bike during the rush hour!!

Every afternoon after lunch i have this confusion, whether i am at my home or office.... whether i have to take the plate & leave it at the cleaning area... or wash the plate by myself... or just leave the plate with its contents on the table! :(

i try talking to my dear dog Blinky over the phone, whenever i call home. wonder why these little buddies arent able to pay attention to the very same 'sweet' voice that brings a fond glow to their eyes & an incessant dance to their tails... when heard in person!! Helloooo Blinky! cant you hear me? :(

Activities/objects that are not in use for even a short while, are completely wiped off my memory cells... leaving behind mild traces of its existence!! No! im not talking about the QTP function library or SQL queries or the SAP eCATT framework or any such terrorising softwares which i have lost touch with of late... ;-) Yesterday, i had great difficulty in crossing a small road near my office premises... just because i have been moving around in 2 & 4 wheelers for quite sometime now... that i have completely forgotten the Art of looking left-right-center & moving across to the other end!! :-

i have fallen head over heals in love with this guy... this amazing personality... the dude(!) called Barrack Obama!! Ever since i heard his victory speech on TV (for umpteen times), i have been running around the house shouting "we CAN! we CAN!! we CAN!!!" so madly that Praveen has been giving me weird glances with his mouth wide open!! :)

Of late, i have this persistent feeling that i am working at the client's place.... on a project to be delivered to the client's client!! :roll: Only after sights of neighbours using our Outlook emails/Communicator and when i pay the caterer for lunch, do i realize that i am working at my own parent company after all!! ;-)

i feel so helpless/embarrased and do not know what on earth should be done when someone praises me in public (ahem... ahem.. yeah this happens :))... or when a close friend/member of family is weeping non stop... or when a tiny tot comes in close proximity to self...


sreeramshenoy said...

Aww...You should visit my clinic patient...this version 1.26 seems to be bugged...I need to thoroughly scan this new bug in you!! :P
And ppl praise you in public?? Lolz...hope you dont say "My foot" to them as return gift!! Only lucky ones get those, I hope!! ;)
Tiny Kids scare you?? I thought it was the other way round!! :)

GoodEarth said...

a CT scan you mean? or a MRI??
My foot is reserved only for some special parasites! hope u understand, u leech!! :P

Kids dont scare me man! its just that i dont know what to do with them.... when they are near me :)

Thank u Sree!

sreeramshenoy said...

I know u fear being called AUNTY by the innocent kids...thats why I dont call u that though am a kiddo...hehe...I know you'd get psyched!! :P

GoodEarth said...

grrrr... count the number of hairs on your glittering head before calling me aunty!! Hmmph! :evil:

and btw, we are not talking about ur mental maturity here kiddo!! :P