Friday, 22 May 2009

Huh! Humph!! Hoo!

Friday afternoon, rather early evening... and i have still not got into the mood of doing any constructive work... assigned to me from folks across the seas... Hangover as they call it.. Of what?!! is the question. Neither did i have a spectacular week so far nor am i expecting any exceptional phenomenon to materialize and brighten my otherwise-mundane is just that am unable to overcome the inertia of rest... to which my infernal mind has succumbed...passionately...losing all sense of discretion & direction... sinking into blissful oblivion...even blogging has become a burden to me... im getting more impatient & hysterical day by day..all i want to do now is.. pack my bags, wear my boots & start off on a silent vacation to some sunken green valley... lost amidst the pale clouds & green woods... stopping by only to respond to the melodies of the bubbling stream...

not a second passes without me thinking about the misery of being involved in a profession which appeals to me only as much as Velupillai Prabhakaran appeals to Mahinda Rajapakshe... oh yeah! that reminds me.. i have been just reading Srilankan history, Mahavamsa & such other chronicles, roots of Srilankan civilization & colonization, beginning of ethnics violence... and reading only these for the past 2-3 days!

Of late i have been adopting a no-contact stand with most of the folks. i have always been nurturing this suspicion that whether i stay in touch or not, these so-called friends / relatives / acquaintances wouldnt care a damn abt it! and my refrain from calls,mails,chats,scraps etc has only strengthened the fortress of this growing suspicion... the last time i made an effort to shut out all my connection gateways, i had lost a treasured relationship (why it was treasured in the first place, i fail to understand now...) Anyway im glad to be off-line right now and talk to only the select few that would value my company...

My brother-in-law's marriage is in the offing and i seem to develop all sorts of phobias about going to that heavily-crowded extravaganza called wedding! i can never comprehend why a hundred thousand odd people gather to witness an occassion for which most of them care two hoots about (if not for the entertainment & food freely available at the expense of the bride's parents!!)

Writing this piece of stuff has been really really difficult and challenging... (now dont raise your eyebrows & drop your lower jaws!!) what with two equally useless computers at home sans the internet connection (which has been denied to us due to 'lack of boxes' at this age of 2009... and there sits Dr.Abdul Kalam dreaming about a progressive developed super power India by 2020!! sigh..) and there is no possibility of one writing two lines successively without being interrupted, watched & read by a multitude of co-workers at office!! i have this odd doubt whether i am writing a small simple blog at office... or having an intercourse right there in the middle of my cubicle surrounded by a multitude of "resources"!! Humph! (told you... not to be reading those stupid Shobha De books!! 8-O) whatever... i am glad to have scribbled at least a few incoherent thoughts from my hapless mind... and aspire to do so every single day, even if it means "stretching & straining" myself till the fall of the night! After all, what is life without breaking free from the monotony & cacophony of day to day existence... and spurting out some vagrant, disciplined thoughts from the interiors of the cerebral hemispheres!!
Gosh! i am so relieved now :wide grin:


sreeramshenoy said... didnt write about the latest disease you are suffering..."The get lost" reply-syndrome!! :P
Why dont you take a silent trip to Srilanka? Your visit could make them forget all their previous troubles! ;)

GoodEarth said...

The symptoms of this syndrome idicate that it is triggered only when interacting with a certain pink variety of monkeys... so the cure is to eradicate & make extinct this particular species!! Humph!

trip to Srilanka? woww! why not why not?!! send me yopur pay cheque this month, wont you Pinky Shenoy?? :P :P it is quite obvious that humankind all over the world look upon me as their saviour... their messaih!! :lol:

Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

ah!! someone sure sounds like an overworked employee!!
But err.....self hath a doubt gal!! ye said 'a few incoherent thoughts' of yer mind...but is that not all what yer esteemed top floor is capable of thinking??
For instance if you went to someone who knew you and said "I had a sane thought today!" I am sure the person would gape a bit and try to recall the loony bin emergency ambulance number! :-D

Aishwarya said...

Well i guess, all that u've written is pretty much the same that i feel, so Sow... you've got company. The only difference being that i took net connection at home. :D
Anyways now that u r on that trip u were thinking of, guess one of those wishes have been fulfilled. :)

GoodEarth said...

Hmmmph!!! To hell with you & your insane thoughts u duffer!

Thanks for the company gal! yeah... at least i got one fulfilled :)