Monday, 25 May 2009

Tata bye bye C UUUUUUUU :)

im travelling to my hometown bus..all by myself... for the first time ever! i have been "subjected to" train journeys quite often during college days & before marriage... but a lonely long distance travel in a four-wheeled vehicle is new to me... in fact quite intriguing & disturbing to me ... i hope to rely on Sir.Wodehouse for company... the only problem being the work is titled "The Mating Season" and i dont want the KPN fellows to throw me out for reading & propagating "THAT KIND OF LITERATURE" in a public transport! hmmm... let me see if i get the time to envelope this book with a sheet of newspaper and read with peace & privacy... :) if not i have to read with the aid of cell phone light, once the bus is put to sleep in the night. hope they dont play stupid & stale movies starred by (as usual)Vijay, (ayyayyoooo)VijayKanth, (eeeeeks mummyyy)Sathyaraj or the even more terrible son of his!!, (stunningly sterotypical) Arjun or (Unlimited broadband) Namitha!!! :P im just trying to visualize the state of mind of the passengers & their reaction if the bus folks were to play a movie like... say.. Pather Panjali throughout the night!! :D

{i know.. this post is getting awfully boring... but never mind... my aim is to scribble something every day... and keep this blog live & licking.. err.. kicking!}But i wouldnt have access to internet or any other modern means of communication (even mobile phones are active only seasonally when the signal from the tower does not get attrated & distracted by the swaying coconut trees all over the terrains of my native town :) ) for another 1 week... so all you souls who set your eyes on this blog... can heave a sigh of relief & rest in peace!

6 days away from office is certainly a dream come true! Heaven.. i would have called it, if only i did not have to spend my time surrounded & suffocated by flocks of hobnobbing, backbiting relatives!! hope to come out of the ordeal unscathed... ;-)im looking forward to gobbling lots of delicacies in the days to come... except on the day of the marriage... coz they serve the same kind of food (i mean same menu, same colour, same odour, same flavour, same texture, same mixture of food during every marriage...) and that Sumo-wrestler-size-par-bolied-rice is enough to drive me away from the eating zone for eons!! sighh! when will they make an amendment to this at all... in the constitution of our family marriages! :-|

one interesting incident i am looking forward to... is the "Milk & Fruit ceremony" errr... to all you ignorant blokes, this is a ceremony where the bride's mom (yeah you heard it right!! :P) gives a glass of milk & a piece of banana to the bridegroom, the fellow gulps down half the qty of the pale solution, munches half of the banana.... and passes the remaining halves to his better half!!! ok... now lemme tell you what is so exciting about this... that im eagerly waiting for... the bride in question/answer, hates milk with all her heart & stomach! and would throw up at the slightest smell of this yucky liquid!! So, her mom is planning to arrange for coke during the Milk & Fruit session and i am all eyes (& ears) to witness this holy (read: gala) incident, as the CEO of the Milk HatersUnion!! :D

Hui maaaa! there is so much work to complete by eod (which is 2hrs form now!!) gotta finish the heaps of tasks, transfer so(w)-called-knowledge to a new comer,run home, take my bags... and catch the bus at 5!! and here i am dillydallying... pouring out this rigmarole.... with no heed of time & tide! Wokay guys! am off to some serious work now... will catch u after the looooong lovely vacation! Baa-byeeeee! :D


Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

have a nice time gal!
Of course one hopes that you somehow get bonked on the top floor curing ye and making ye a sensible person like self along the way!!
And dont eat too much gal!! restoring the tissues is good only if done in moderation :-D

sreeramshenoy said...

You must have reached home by now...recover and come back pls...I am tired of getting lost, that I have lost my way back! Sigh!
Enjoy your vacation! :D

Aishwarya said...

So that was where u were leaving when i pinged u. Wogay.. enjoy the vacation. I really hope u got to see a TR movie on the bus.. :P :P

GoodEarth said...

Thank you dear :)
and if at all i get bonked in the top floor even by accident, ill make sure that i split open ur pituitary glands and make Arabian juice out of it! Hmmph! Get lost!!! :evil:

GoodEarth said...

Thank you loony! i will get lost for a change... and you be available till then :D

Whoa what a discovery! you sure are Newton reincarnate gal! :P
i am sure to turn into a TR...a fiery bear i.e. if at all they play his horrendous movies in the bus!! :-|