Monday, 24 August 2009

Moody Mondays...

Woke up reluctantly at forty five minutes past seven. greeted my plants
with half-opened eyes & little broken yawns... Prepared a quick lunch only for Praveen, as he finds any food palatable & agreeable.. unlike self, who needs a reasonably delicious gravy un-mixed with white rice boiled to the right degree centigrade & pressure, adequate quantity of melting-in-mouth side dish, preferably with capsicum as one of the ingredients! With very little time left to run for office, i gave up the idea of cooking all the intricate delicacies described above.... and decided to ingest the poor boring lunch at the office cafeteria today (like most of the days!) Boarded a Volvo, travelled quite grudgingly for 15mins and the remaining 15mins immersed in PGW, after managing to find a vacant seat, to place my a$$. Got down well ahead of the stop, to avoid being jammed in the insane traffic for the rest of my life, walked towards office for 10 short mins... and seeped into my "protected chamber" post scrutiny by the ever-observant security folks.

A mundane Monday morning.... full of blues & bitterness... i feel like a Broiler hen being shut in a nasty cage, just before being roasted in a redhot barbecue grill! Struggled through the turmoils of everyday existence at office, combatting project pressure & petty politics for 9 horrid hours...shed silent tears in the rest room...sweared at every piece of code n the coder n the onsite folks who deliberate me to perform such nauseating tasks day after day, in a monotonous way!

Wrote this one during the little intervals of life... trying to penetrate the nebulous labrynth of destiny, knowing very well that.. this too shall pass... like withered leaves on an autumn day... swept away by streams of mystique winds to far away shores... where new born petals glisten amidst green grandeaur... announcing the arrival of a nascent morning... life moves on... even as death beckons the outer gear with a subtle smile & a warm embrace... the inner light flickering meakly.. dew drops on its brows & a whisper on its lips... remembering bygone moments & dusty dreams shelved in the shady nooks of a sub conscious sanctum...


Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Ah! Gal!!
The goof is back on jer page!! Welcome him gal!! A good welcome ought to be necessary :-D
Gee!Someone sure is searching for some rope and a sufficiently strong hanging place! (fans will fall on jer head if ye tried hanging on em) :-P
ANd pray! May I ask why yer weep in office restrooms? I thought ur teammates did that daily!!
But seriously, Temme about mundane life gal! I know! Me sleeps lil daily and its almost as if I am becoming a mechanical robot! soon I may even start wanting batteries!

Otherwise hows the life? capsicum riddled??

Aishwarya said...

Aaah Sow!
i just LOVED the last para.. i got goose bumps reading that part. How do you write such stuff! Awesome!
Keep writing gal! :D

GoodEarth said...

Welcome you dirty goof!
roll around this page quite often man :D ill send u the batteries asap :)

A goose getting goosebumps is a very ordinary phenomenon, birdie! so just relax & let is pass :P
he hee thanks gal!