Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Little joys....

My mom told me in the morn that as per my sunsign predictions for
the day, i will have plenty of happiness & sunshine in my life today!
well... so far, this has been quite true

1. Left strong sensible comments in a celebrated blogger's blog today, thereby teaching him principles of modesty & self-discpline! :)

2. sneaked away to the office reception at peak hour and solved THE HINDU crossword semi-successfully!

3. wrote this post on a piece of paper with a bar of pencil between my trembling fingers, a magical feeling experienced what-seems-a-decade ago!!

4. Cracked down a colleague's system password... logged in with his credentials.. and enviosuly scrutinized his Payslip!! Just a token of gratitude from self... for his kindly deed of presenting the scripts i create, to the client, as his own!!

5. Solved the "Petals around the Rose" puzzle in 3 quick moves and felt so superior to Bill Gates!!! Sudhakar, thanks for the link! ;-) The world need more of geniuses like self! :P

6. Got rid of rodents err... relatives from my house in a very tactful manner and shipped them away to a distant inaccessible location, where the gravitational force of the earth would overpower the magnetic force of my house!! :)

7. Wrote this piece of crap, very well knowing it is crap... and is gonna be shunned by readers who accidently fall into this space! Loose motion is any day better than constipation!! :D


nagendraprasad said...

Being sneaky lately uh !

//Loose motion is any day better than constipation!

Amen to that ! :D

GoodEarth said...

sneaky? Who? me??? Jeeeeeesus!! :-|
i jus try to do my good deed for the day :P

Thank you Nag! glad that u too concur on the loose motion thingie :D

Balaji Srinivasan said...

You solve Hindu Crossword? :-O even if this solutions are printed right below it, i'll have trouble filling that space :-P

made an interesting read! :-)

Aishwarya said...

Had absolute fun reading this one, Sow!
You sure are in a full flow.. :P :P

GoodEarth said...

Ha haaa.... i too was scared of the stuff earlier... but once u get a feel of it, its not THAT difficult :)

Thanks for dropping by, boy!

u had "absolute fun" reading this pathetic piece?? :roll: u sure need medical attention gal! :P

"full flow"?? errr.... what exactly r u referring to? ;-)