Thursday, 10 June 2010

Garden's day out :)

Pl find below a few snapshots from my little balcony garden, all captured with a Canon EOS Rebel XS. Let me declare with caution that this is my first experience with a DSLR & with gardening. For a person who cannot even click dejent pics using a zimble mobile camera, a DSLR was like Raj Kundra to Shilpa Shetty, a pricey catch.. a boon from heaven. So, if the pic quality is bad, lets blame it on the camera and its maker, if the plants quality is not up to the mark, lets blame the weather & the vaasthu location of my balcony

Alright now, a cellotape to the royal rigmarole emanating from my pungent mouth! And here you go…

i dont know if its the cute orange rose or the lush green beans plants that i love more.. both of them induce my adrenaline levels to soar high, hence this impartial click

A tiny ornamental (?) chilli plant trying to figure out if it has to grow tall & reach the bachchans or spread out its purple wings and expand like Adnan Sami (anyone who tells me, Adnan has reduced weight, will get a tight slap on their cheek! running around for adjectives & similies & metaphors is a painstacking job, plz understand!) or hibernate until further notice from the gardener

Cabbages which were pea-sized (Kozhi would insist that this adj be reserved for my brain.. hmm) in the prev post, expanding to unknown territories within its black residence and growing into a lovely monstrous flower. this pic is old by a month. in fact, there are 3 such cabbage plants which have completely enveloped the container with their huge huge leaves.

A red rose bud ready to open its eyes to the strange concrete world outside… i know this photo experiment has come out all weird n shaky. But, as always, plz bear with my assasination attempts

This is a ‘basal cone’ shoot emerging from the base of the orange rose plant, captured in the 1st image above. Basal cones are supposed to grow vigourously and produce a multitude of flower buds than the central stem.

Next on board are my lovely tomato plants, which have started flowering & setting fruits off late. All the “Pusa Ruby” variety tomatoes that i planted (refer: prev post) died a miserable death due to lack of adequate sunlight & probably an overdose of my horrible presence ;-) The plants you see in this pic grew on their own, from seeds accidently present in the organic manure i used!

The ground in the background, belongs to Oracle Corporation… and i have told them not to start any construction until my tomato plants yield generously The building in the back, back-ground houses JPMorgan, Nokia, Cisco & many such corporate jumbos… the only thing pending now is my to-be-updated resume

The same tomato senoritas with sleepy flowers dressed in pricky bright hair all over, making me feel they are related to Anil Kapoor or Karadi T.Rajendar in this birth or that of the recent past

A teeny weeny coriander sapling jutting its head out of the cocopeat medium, just to check what that noise was all about. Hey kiddo! that was just me, sneezing sprightfully Take it easy buddy & yes, say CHEEEESE

phewww… all of u can wipe off the sweat streaming down ur eyebrows, ease your facial bones, heave a deep sigh of relief & relaxation and get back to holy work. This is all from my plantville & photoville as of now… more tortures, on a later date. Until then, fare thee well!!


Anonymous said...

心中有愛,才會人見人愛。 ..................................................

Sumi said...

Stumbled upon your post, may be thru geek gardener? Liked it. Me too another one inspired by Geek Gardner. Well, nice write up. So have you updated your resume now  ?. Tomato plant compared to Anil Kapoor and T. Rajendran , well LOL!
The cabbage looks very healthy, where did you get the seed from? The ornamental chilli plant is looking pretty.