Monday, 30 June 2008

The SEVEN wonders & SINGLE blunder of June 2008


1) A school mate during my 7th & 8th classes, whom i met quite surprisingly at moi office last year.... and learnt that she is designated to be my colleague.... is married to a famous TV personality (i found this out only last week..... another plesant surprise indeed)! but it is a pity that i didnt take the effort to go & speak to her in office... nor did she... dont even know if she remembers me.... :-)

2) A classmate of mine (at college) married a guy who was also very well known to me.... both of them were a part of a large gang of friends.... and there was no cue... as to their relationship extending anything beyond sweet friendship.... i was pretty surprised (or may be shocked!!) to see their wedding snaps on Orkut! Hmmm.... life's so strange!

3) A star blogger of our company's internal blog world (who had quit his job & gone off to a distant land) called me a few days back & we had a great talk about this & that & that & this! it is really wonderful to share one's thoughts & feelings with someone whom you've never met in your life..... but know so very well.... through the blogging media! Internet rules!! :-)

4) Another great blogger of our corporate blogging space (popularly known as the Queen of Humour!) spotted my request mail as the reason for her to put up a post after a very long time! It felt so greattttt! i was soooo happy to see my name & mail content featured in her blog! :-)

5) After a gaaaaaaaaaaaaaap of 15years (Oh yeah!) i managed to scribble a decent few lines of poetry the day before yesterday.... out of sheer impulse! And was dumbstruck when i saw the immense appreciation & encouragementi received in the form of Comments to that poem! Want to write more....

6) The agent (more commonly known as the marriage broker :-)) had brought a proposal for my brother-in-law 5 months back, which did not suit our specifications much. Further, we happened to see the same girl's profile, a month ago, in one of the matrimony sites.... and yesterday.... when i was riding on a familiar road, close to my house.... i saw this girl in person.... sooooooooo close.... that i would have nearly clutched her hand in excitement! After all, it is a very small world! :-)

7) After a really long period, we (my husband & self) went for a weekend (road) trip to Nandi Hills (on the outskirts of Bangalore) yesterday. It was a different rejuvenating experience altogether..... far from the madding crowd in the city, though today has been a day filled with fatigue, back ache, headache, leg pain & so on.... Looking fwd to more such expeditions in the near future!


1) While talking to one of my old friends over phone last week... i had enquired about the well being of her dad & mom (individually).... totally forgetting the fact that her father had passed away about an year ago.... just a second after i uttered that sentence, i rephrased it... mentioning only abt her mother & eliminating the dad part :-( That was quite embarrasing & heart wrenching! (though she did not mention anything about my critical blunder.... but spoke in a rather reassuring manner.... about her mom & her dad's first anniversary!!) Hmmm.... Look before you leap!


Revathi said...

Sowrangutannnnnnnnn!!! :)

I am glad i have been a reason for one of ur wonders!! :)
queen of humor????? :-\
you do have an amazing sense of humor!! ;)
lovely post. its amazing how random thoughts are the ones which are most well expressed!!! :)
write more often. and that blunder Jeeez!! i do things like that everyday. happens to everyone!! :)

GoodEarth said...

Huuuuuuuu Revs!!

Thanks dearie :-) You are most certainly the (undisputed) Queen of Humour!!

Yeah... i was pretty much surprised by the number of "wonders" that were happening in my life one after the other... so jus thought of putting them on paper (err... web)! Glad that you liked the scribblings :-) Keep visiting gal!

Heptanesian Blue said...

:) funny....especially the prospective bride one...can identify with it so much... :)

GoodEarth said...

@heptanesian blue,
Welcome to this cocoon :-)
iam glad you are able to relate to one of the wonders well...

Thanks for the comment! Keep visiting!

sreeramshenoy said...

Whoa...neat post...great flow...
When, I started to read wonder #1 and when, I finished reading the only blunder...I didn't realise...shuru hote hi khatam!! Such was the flow! :D
So Nandi hills finally eh? Awesome! :D

GoodEarth said...

Thanks buddy! im glad you liked the flow of the post :-)
Yeah, finally Mission Nandi Hills accomplished!! it was an enjoyable trip :-)