Thursday, 6 August 2009

Random rotten reflections...

i have been eating chocolates at a rate which would put the evil H1N1 virus to shame! in fact, my Diary Milk intake on a normal day (let's not talk about abnormal days when hair on my scalp stands at 90 degrees to the hemispherical plane of my cerebrum... and spider legs & tadpoles are savoured by my delicate tongue for refreshment!!), far exceeds the number of times Rakhi bhabhi appears on television, the number of statues erected by Maya aunty or the number of tweets made by the Tech-savvy minister Tharoor everyday

A bunch... nah! a heap of relatives are arriving from Tvm tomorrow.
Wish they made relatives of the finer healthier blend nowadays.. ones who would just let out a yawn, on being told the fact that their host (moi ofc!) hasnt an inkling of the fuzzy process of making coffee (or tea or rum for that matter!), ones who dont really cough n choke n die of stroke, when informed that their charming host eats roasted peanuts for lunch, inhales fresh air for breakfast and gargles n drinks Oatmeal for dinner... and proposes to share the same menu with her esteemed guests, ones who wouldnt stare aghast into white space just because their darling host starts fumbling for coins & half notes in her torn n tattered purse... and mutters curses onto the US government for not tackling the global economic slowdown, the moment the taxi driver produces a bill of 2854 bucks, after an exhausting trip to Mysore!
Sighhh... "relatives" are made in hell i suppose! and sent to earth for Probation!!

i have been feeling like a cat on hot bricks every passing day. The "fire" to quit my current job in this well known firm and move on to another (for better or for worse) has been burning fiercely in my bosom for months now... i just cant push myself to crawl into office everyday without dropping tears all over the garden encompassing the campus & watering the tiny blooms all along the path!! and yeah... the gardener must be quite a blessed soul, methinks! :( (he must be thinking the same thing abt me...hmmm..)

Renowned Malayalam actor Murali bid farewell to this world today... A fine mature artist, i have seen & admired his roles ever since i was a kid... His demise is certainly a loss to Malayalam cinema, which is rather undergoing slow & subtle metamorphosis... with a good number of crap movies releasing every year!! Also disheartening is the sudden death of an efficient director/script writer Lohithadas... A red alert to all serious & sensible directors of Mollywood! Dont let this industry be lost in the great Bermuda triangle of modernization / commercialization. Looking forward to a renaissance in Malayalam (Indian to be precise) cinema in the days to come...

Bangalore is celebrating a bandh this Sunday, to commemorate the erection err... installation of Thiruvalluvar's statue at Ulsoor. why the Tamil poet's figurine has to be placed in a so-called hi-fi cosmopolitan city as Bangalore, when he or none of his relatives were born/brought up at Namma city and he already stands 133 ft tall at Kanyakumari, is beyond my gray cells's capacity! Hon CM says it is a sign of goodwill b/w neighbouring states... and he too is gonna err... unveil a Kannada poet's statue at Chennai! while this has raised the blood pressure & cholestrol of members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike and they are hell bent on creating a hullabaloo on the day the two-liner poet's statue is unveiled here!!
sighhh... if at all this nation wants to foresee progress in the near future, the first thing to eradicate & penalize should be the statue-installation syndrome that has caught almost every ruling politician in this country!! why cant they get it into their fat head that it is the tax payers' hard earned money that they are throwing away for their cheap & vested political game plays!!

There is always this fear of writing my personal moments/thoughts in this space... not sure who all are likely to read it & scoop my intestines out :-| the perils of being a celebrity.. sighhh! :P :P :P
but seriously, there are so many things happening in my life every single day... so many ups n downs n U turns that i would like to scribble yonder... but most of the stuff has to be filtered n censored before hitting this blog, for fear of adverse reactions (which again cannot be detailed here! :roll:)

hmmmm... life moves on like a tortoise injected with clinical anaesthesia... and every moment seems to be frozen in time... i am in dire need of a "secret" blog (i can hear somebody chuckling there! ;-)) to pour out lot of suppressed emotions n anectodes... hope i dont dont end up owning a 100 million blogspots by the end of this year!! :-|


Aishwarya said...

Lolz! Good set of random rotten reflections there sow! :)
Relatives! They are worse than Swine flu i tell ya.. and a taxi all the way to Mysore! God! Why are trains and buses running in the country?!
Life moves on like a tortoise.. yeah.. you said it sow!
BTW if u do start a secret blog, do tell me abt it.. i mean.. just me.. a secret b/w u and me.. hehe :D

nagendraprasad said...

Many a time, I too have considered writing a secret blog and once I did it too... It had nothing but expletives... You can't actually write anything readable if its secret ;-)

Heady dose of rants eh ! :D So you too out of C ?

preeti said...

nice rant there.. but chocos rock.. keep eating them okie.. no harm in tat :):)

GoodEarth said...

Thank u Kozhi!
start a secret blog n tell you the pwd?!! i thot the prime reason for me keeping it secret was fear of u reading it!! :P :P

Relatives n swine flu? ha haaa :D

GoodEarth said...


Expletives?? err... ehat are they sir? Having "passed out" from a very dejent family... i know not wht you are talking about :D

im not out of C yet :( just aspiring to be....
Thanks for dropping by Nag!

Thank you Preeti! that was a very "sweet" comment indeed! ;-)