Thursday, 14 October 2010

Updates from a tiny garden @ the garden city of India :)

Oooh its been a while since i wrote something... now i don't know how to begin a post :-|
well, let me start by saying... a lot has been happening (both good & bad) in the garden, ever since i posted about it here. i am gonna talk about the plants thriving currently, despite the harsh weather at Bangalore my balcony hasn't seen sunlight for the past 2months :( ) & the yield i have been getting so far - coz this is something eating my mind for quite a while now.

There are 7 tomato plants, 4 capsicums, 2 chillis, 1 brinjal, 8 carrot saplings, 2 small curry leaf plants & a pot of mint growing currently in my little balcony garden. Garlic is also growing(??) as comapnion plants in 3-4 pots. The rest of them (around 6 of them) are ornamental/flowering plants.
So far, i have harvested lots of tomatoes, 4 small capsicums, some beans, a very few green peas, a bunch of spinach, some chillis, a whole lot of mint, a tiny bunch of coriander, radish leaves, a few round radishes & 2 knolkhols. i was also lucky enough to get 1 out of 3 cabbages mentioned in the earlier post. The other 2 started growing in a weird fashion, with leaves curling outwards... and were removed after waiting for ages to see them mature. But, growing cabbages in containers is fun & a great learning experience.

Tomatoes are the ones which keep me happy all the time, even if they are not of "acceptable" sizes or shapes. i also carried a kg of tomatoes, when i visited my parents at my hometown, last month.
So, let me present to you a picture of the accidentally-grown-tomatoes harvested 3 months back. They have a sweet flavour and ideal to be eaten raw or as fresh yummy juice :)

The ones on the left side are the little-bigger-than-peanut-sized-so-called-round radishes and a handsome bunch of their leaves :)

Below are some images of my Tomato Tumbler (F1 Hybrid) plants. they did give a decent yield, though the fruit size is quite small. But, last month these plants (i have 2 of them) were attacked by blight (not sure if its early or late) and all the foliage was lost to the killer disease... the fruit set also has stopped after that. hmm.. nature is harsh at times!

What you see below is a INDAM Ruchi tomato plant - am growing 2 of this variety. Fruit set has started but many of the buds have fallen off probably due to the cloudy weather nowadays.

Those of you who are complaining that its been an overdose of tomatoes in this post, can eye the pic below - carrots growing in "companionship" with toms... am soooooooo very eager to see whats happening underground... how the carrots are growing, whether they are growing at all.. what colour they will be etc.
This is a variety called Early Nantes, but 4 months doesn't seem so "early" to me :P

Another view of the same plants, they are throwing up shoots every other day... and am waiting with bated breath to see the hidden wonder called the carrot :D
To the right - another of the INDAM Ruchi tomatoes. To the left - one of the 4 unidentified tomato plants that grew accidentally from the compost. this one is more than 6 months old and is still fruiting!
Finally (much to the relief of the readers :P), let me end this post with some flowers... these were actually yellow blooms 2 days ago, which have turned pale now :)

P.S.:  i am sorry about the bluish tinge in most of the photos above, this is because they were captured late in the evening


Aishwarya said...

Ketchup ka yaad aaya, after reading this one. So full of tamaatarr :P
Your harvest looks really good and healthy gal.
You are gonna become really self-reliant soon, and I see the potential of a good daughter-of-t-soil in you. :P
Sad jokes aside. when are u expecting the carrots?

Sumi said...

WOW, good harvest. And fresh too. Where did you get the carrot seeds?

Natti said...

Very good tomatoes. Somehow my luck is not around with tomatoes. The roses that you have in the last picture are a real good and easy to grow variety. I usually prune them down to a stem every 6 months. I should get to posting on roses sometime soon. Its been sitting there forever.

Natti said...

Been quiet for long

Barnita said...

I chanced upon your blog while searching for veggie growing tips. I admire your gardening skills. You have a great variety of stuff growing - that too healthy and in in pots kept in balcony. No balcony receives sunlight all thru the day. In spite of this you have a healthy harvest! Hats off to you.

May i ask where do you source your seeds from?

Your writting style is also very good, really enjoyed reading your post. Do keep posting regularly

Asha Ram said...

That's a good harvest, and the fruits look healthy! Congrats :)

Asha (rake-and-spade)